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Whether it is through your time or money, your support helps GFI prepare for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula, and helps those who are struggling and in need in North Korea. Thank you for your efforts and generosity.

Youth Mentoring

GFI would like to invite individuals who have working experience and expert knowledge in a certain field or industry to join in mentoring young adults to become future leaders of the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.  

  • Application Period: Ongoing

청년멘토링 재능기부.jpg

Individuals visit the DMZ to remember the painful events of the Korean War together. GFI hopes to have people who yearn to see the day of the peaceful reunification, to gather and participate in this event.

  • Application Period: Every June 

통일 문화 탐방.jpg
Reunification Culture Movement

GFI invites individuals, corporate employees and executives to volunteer at our events, activities, and engagements together. 

  • Recruitment Period: Ongoing


Volunteer Now


Giving Community

GFI hosts a space for supporters to receive updates and to pray together.

  • Occurrence: Second Week of Every Month

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