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Message from the Chairman of Board

Through our giving...
GFI dreams of witnessing the miracles of God.

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senior pastor of Love Church, seoul, south korea, reverend john oh, reverend john jung-hyun oh, chairman of the board, good friends international

Just as how Jesus fed the five thousand around 2,000 years ago with a child's offering of two fish and five loaves of bread, I have an exhilarating dream of witnessing the many miracles of God through the work and offerings of Good Friends International today. 

1. Good Friends International dreams of gospel-driven, peaceful reunification between North and South Korea.

We dream of the day when our people form both nations can peacefully reunite in joy and worship our Lord together after 70 years of heart-wrenching separation. Through our fervent prayers and the dedicated support of our donors, this dream continues to manifest in a growing number of people.

2. Good Friends International is paving the way to a new future for the people of the Korean Peninsula!

Good Friends International (GFI) provides support to improve the quality of life for the children of North Korea. Additionally, GFI provides Young Adult Mentorship programs to promote the growth of both the spiritual maturity and intellect of our South Korean young adults so that they may become key leaders in the global era of reunification. 

3. Good Friends International dreams of witnessing the transformation of the pain in this world into the unimaginable miracles of the Lord!

GFI strives to serve and support our brothers and sisters around the world who do not know how to dream or have given up on their dreams because of the difficult conditions they may be suffering and enduring. 

 I invite you to dream and pursue the miracles of God with us.


Reverend John Jung-hyun Oh


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