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노란색 벽에 자전거

Community Projects

supporting the immediate underprivileged and marginalized communities around us

GFI works to provide assistance for the adults and children in underprivileged and marginalized communities in South Korea to prepare for the era of reunification.

Emergency Response & Disaster Relief

GFI provides emergency assistance for communities suffering from natural disasters such as wildfires, floods, or COVID-19. GFI sends emergency survival kits that contain food provisions, personal protective equipment, hygiene products, and more to help underprivileged or marginalized communities recover from these disasters.

17,600 victims
provided with aid
around 10,000
of the South Jeolla Province Flood victims were fed for 16 days
$87,800 worth 
of COVID-19 emergency survival kits to the city of Daegu, the epicenter of South Korea's COVID-19 outbreak. Kits included food, protective equipment, & hygiene products.
Empowerment of Marginalized Populations

GFI carries out projects to support the elderly, children, and individuals who are economically and socially vulnerable. Partnering with public institutions, welfare centers, and other organizations, GFI provides economic, cultural, social, and educational assistance for underprivileged communities.

4,442 children
from low-income families were provided meals
383 senior citizens
who live alone or are in low-income households were provided framed portraits
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